Monday, May 31, 2010

One Father's Sober Reflection on Memorial Day

These days, Andrew J. Bacevich has reason to think differently about Memorial Day.  Three years ago this month, his son was killed in action by an IED in Iraq.  I know neither the father, nor his fallen son.  But Professor Bacevich's writing and personal experience have connected with me in some very powerful ways.  Today, May 31st, 2010, Dr. Bacevich reflects upon what Memorial Day has become for his family in an opinion piece in the LA Times.  He respectfully, but inevitably raises troubling questions.  It is worth your time.


  1. Hey Jay, I am impressed you took this step to open conversation. I saw your invite while in Denver. If we ever met again, face to face, over dinner, our lovely waitress would hate us. I could never leave that table. Of course that dinner will happen sometime. Jay, I don't understand why my Western Arts trained friends refuse to understand Miles, Bird, Dizzy to Yes and Genesis. By association they have trapped them selves to religion and politics, only source is Fox news. I am living on a island here in Tulsa. You know who I am talking about. I dance a delicate dance around them because I love and respect them, but they won't allow me to be me. The greatest lesson from the study of music is to learn how to listen. But, many filter what they listen too, across the board. Jay, I know you understand this. This is my utlimate frustration in Tulsa. Being the free thinking liberal thinking piece of crap. Should I submit,go to church four days out of the week, repeat what I am told to say and fold into to Tulsa culture, or should I read, learn and speak, thereby making myself a target. I am proud to be the target.

  2. Brian, great to hear from you. Conversation is the spice, sustenance, and elixir of human relations. I look forward to that conversation with you sometime. Do not give in to the dullness of conformity. Tulsa needs you.